About me

Hi, I’m Patti. Partners in Rhyme is a program I created that uses poetry to bring generations together. I’ve been facilitating Partners in Rhyme in public schools and senior centers for the past 10 years. Several of the poems you’ll read here are from that program. 

I’m a certified poetry therapist and a group facilitator. I am not a psychologist. The goal of my work is to enrich lives by providing a creative way to explore meaningful topics using poetry. I work with all ages in various settings including schools, community centers, memory cafes, and assisted-living facilities.

I believe poetry is for everyone and that readers will discover the joy and power of poetry if they can connect with a poem on a personal level. If you’re skeptical about poetry (and you’re not alone!), I hope this blog will help that connection happen for you, so you can see what you’ve been missing!

Thanks for visiting!